Derin Technical Cosntruction






I was honored to be part ofteam that helped creating foothold in Property Development Contracting, Ready-Mix Plant, Architectural Design, Interior Decoration, Foreign Trade of Construction Materials, Smart Card Manifacturing and Telecommunication with operations in 5 countries.

Developing and launching initiatives spanning numerous sectors, our group continues to research, identy and execute future projects that will benefit not just Turkey, but also countries like Libya, U.A.E., Kazakhstan and Romania. We are determined to build on past success, while continuing to focus our support on fueling the growth and development. We will actively pursue new challenges within Turkey and beyond.

Our vision is build communities which provide life in perfect balance and maintain our focus and nurture for new initiatives.

We will continue to utilize the vision of what makes us different to drive our development strategies. Guided by the Board of Directors, our group companies have an entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to change and the courage to embrace opportunities.’

Derintech, is founded and managed Burak ABACI, who experienced construction and project management with more than 30 years of managerial and engineering proffessional experinecce mainly in Turkey, Libya, U.A.E., Kazakhstan and Romania.


  • We are a 100% ROMANIAN (EU) company, based in CONSTANTA – ROMANIA.
  • Our power is highly qualified and experienced staff architectural, structural and also electro-mechanical works and systems.
  • Our company is combinig all the necessary resources to deliver uniquely designed properties with the highest standarts, superior materials and exceptional finishing touch.
  • Our Project management team and highly experienced site foremen ensure that all the projects are delivered on due time and a cost-effective basis as per the initial agreement made without any hidden cost.


We believe that our values are the key to success in our future that we take firm steps towards.


Becoming a company that does not follow others baut lead them

Developing global and qualified projects

Provide strong and solid profitability, predictable earnings and high cast flow

To be a reliable partner with our costumer-oriented working strategy



To design, build and deliver safe, high-quality and cost-effective construction projects on Schedule for our customers

Derin Technical Construction values; responsibility, consistency, honesty and fairness during all processes.
Quality is uncompromising; the work is done in the most efficient way.

To become a company that responds to many needs of our customers regarding the supply chain, provides holistic solutions for them to increase their competitiveness and create commercial opportunities and contributes to its country and community.

To be among the global leaders in this sectors in which we operate and to contribute to the development and employment volüme of the Romanian and Turkish economy and to create maximum value for all our customers.


In carrying out its operations, we believe all kinds of losses can be prevented for its employees and all other parties involved.

To serve that end, Derin Technical Construction considers OHS, Occupational Health and Safety, not as an obligation but as one of the core values of its corporate culture and a conscientious responsibility.

Managers who leads a sense of ownership with respect to occupational safety

A management practice based on continuous improvement and preventive risk administration
Conscious and trained employees

Monitoring of compliance.